Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dr Who: Complete Season 6: Blu Ray review

Dr Who: Complete Season 6: Blu Ray review

Dr Who Season 6
Rating: PG
Released by BBC and Roadshow
Matt Smith returns as the Doctor in this box set of the latest season to hit the small screen.
And this time around, after a few years of teases from head honcho, Steven Moffat, we finally get some answers as to who River Song is, what part the travelling companions the Ponds play and what lies ahead for the Doctor.
It's a heady rush of a season which packs in some great adventures in its 13 episode run - but also some slightly less convincing ones as well.
But all in all, the quality is eminently watchable and each adventure zips along with gusto.
However, when the pace slows and the writing comes out, the actors have their chances to shine. Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan who play Rory and Amy Pond are astounding in the heartbreaking episode The Girl Who Waited, which centres on Amy accidentally being abandoned by the Doctor and Rory. This is the stand out ep of the set and is an emotionally charged ep which is a little scifi and a little human as well.
Matt Smith can do no wrong as the Doc but some of the writing in places feels a little haphazard and seems to service the ongoing season long arc rather than provide quality episodes when it should. Thankfully, there's a feeling of resolution at the end of the season and so maybe the writers next year will be able to provide some stronger standalone material.
Extras are a mixed bunch too - sure, there's extra scenes which have been filmed for between episodes, but the inclusion of the cutdown versions of the behind the scenes companion show are pretty much a waste of time in this format. It's to be hoped the quality of the additional content is upped in future releases because it does feel a little tired currently.

All in all, Who fans will want this set to complete the collection - but newcomers may feel a little lost by how ensconced this latest run is in its own mythology.

Rating: 6/10

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