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Footrot Flats: Blu Ray Review

Footrot Flats: Blu Ray Review

Footrot Flats
Rating: PG
It's the 25th anniversary of the release of the animated tale from Tom Scott and Murray Ball, which of course is now an iconic Kiwi film and NZ's first ever animated full length outing.
Starring Peter Rowley as Dog, the faithful mutt of the cartoon series who worked on the farm with owner Wal (voiced by John Clarke), there's a whole list of talent mixed in to this - with guest turns from Rawiri Paratene as Rangi, and Billy T James as a takeaway chef, it's really a nostalgic collection of the best.
The story is really very thin in comparison to animated films these days; Dog tries to help Wal when he tries out for the All Blacks, falls for local female dog Jess and takes on the dastardly Murphys, who are stealing stags from Wal's friend Cooch.
In some ways, Footrot Flats has aged in quite a way but there's still a lot to love about this - it's a collection of rural snapshots and comic situations and quite deadpan humour, such as when Wal takes prospective girlfriend Cheeky to the takeway for a meal out - "Forget the expense love, you can have chips with everything".
Dated but charming, Footrot Flats is quite a nice throwback to New Zealand of yesteryear.

Extras: Commentary

Rating: 7/10

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