Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Game Review - Tekken: Hybrid

Game Review - Tekken: Hybrid

Tekken Hybrid
Rating: M
Platform: PS3

Released by Sony
So the granddaddy of the fight genre returns in a packed set.
Tekken Hybrid boasts a Tekken 3D movie, Blood Vengeance, Tekken Tag Tournament HD and a playable (if brief) demo of Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Prologue.
Tekken's not really moved on much from the arcade days where you'd bruise and wear out your fingers, jabbing buttons and move a joystick from side to side, while trying to smash in the face of your opponent.
And it's a shame to say there's little new added into this pack to be honest; while there's nothing inherently wrong with the gaming which has been remastered from its PS2 version, it's little more than a two on two fight against the clock as opponents like Roger the Kangaroo, Devil, True Ogre, Hwoarang et al face off against each other. Throwing in the option to tag in and tag out is a clever touch as well which gives it a feel of something a bit more akin to a street brawl.
Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed the games on several levels; be it due to the quality HD upgrade, or the pure one on one face to face fist fight or the survival mode where you plough on fighting to win as many bouts as you can in one go; it's just that I didn't see the need to go back to the game once the system was turned off. Which is a major blow for any game really.
The demo prologue is relatively playable too but a little too brief and feels like an extended teaser taking in characters from the film Blood Vengeance and is clearly a set up for a future release. It's a nice package though for fans of the genre with a bowling game thrown in too, but all in all this is a little too much of a leave you salivating for next release kind of piece, which is a bit frustrating. Unless you're a massive Tekken fan, of course.

Rating: 6/10

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