Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Dr Who - The Sensorites - DVD Review

Rating: PG
Released by BBC and Roadshow

Back to the 7th ever Dr Who release, this black and white six part adventure for the time travelling team has a NZ connection, starring as it does a very young Ilona Rodgers.

When the TARDIS crew materialise on a spaceship orbiting a mysterious world, there's all kinds of questions to be asked - and when the actual crew of the ship appear to be dead, there's more than a few alarm bells going off for William Hartnell's Doctor....

And when the mysterious and apparently dangerous Sensorites arrive, it looks like the Dr has a mystery to solve...

A nice slow piece this maybe from the 1960s but it's certainly an intriguing watch which builds atmosphere and vibe up in place of swift action and endless technobabble. It won't appeal to everyone but certainly Who fans will enjoy the polished remastering of this serial as well as the extras.

The highlight of said extras is a moving piece from fan Toby Hadoke who goes to try and find Peter R Newman, the writer of the serial about whom little is known. What emerges is a fascinating mini Who Do You Think You Are ep and it's perhaps one of the best extras of the range.

Extras: Commentary, featurettes and the ever brilliant in screen prod notes.


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