Monday, 27 February 2012

Oscar prediction time

So it's the day of the Oscars - and everyone wants to know who you're rooting for as a critic.

Well, it's time to lay my neck on the line and give you the picks for the main categories. Also, whilst I remember, I'm pinning WETA and Bret McKenzie to take home the little gold statuettes too.

Here's my main picks - but here's a full list of the Oscar contenders for you to peruse here.

Best picture:
The winner will be - The Artist. It's been a success at the various awards ceremonies in the run upto the event so it should be a surefire winner today. Which is despite box office returns but critics love it.
The winner should be - The Descendants. A great film with great performances all around - it'll be a shame if this one gets overlooked.
Outside chance - The Help.

Best actor:
The winner will be - George Clooney for his role in The Descendants. I reckon with various successes pre today's show, it should be Clooney stepping up to the plate.
The winner should be - George Clooney. See above.
In with a chance - Jean Dujardin. It just depends how much of a sweep the board is going for. I wouldn't rule him out - but in my mind, Clooney was the better actor.

Best actress:
The winner will be - Viola Davis for The Help - again, she's had good form and it really would be a surprise if that didn't count for anything. Plus I just have a feeling The Help will get some token recognition.
The winner should be - Rooney Mara. Her role in Girl with Dragon Tattoo was simply sensational. But there's no way the stuffy Academy's going for her in such a dark role. Shame, shame, shame
Commiserations to - Meryl Streep - well, you've had enough nominations for now right?

Best director:
A really tough category to call this one - no-one really stands apart - while Scorsese's had his statue before, you'd never rule it out again...
The winner will be - Michel Hazanivicus for The Artist. Again, if it's clean sweep time, then this is the logical if suprising choice.
The winner should be - Scorsese for Hugo - he did such a wonderful job with this - but again, lacklustre box office returns may count against.

Best supporting actor:
The winner will be - Christopher Plummer for Beginners. I utterly adored him in this role - and he's won prior to tonight's show. It'd be a nice nod for Plummer.
The winner should be - I'm torn with this one - while Plummer deserves it, Kenneth Branagh is very good as Laurence Olivier and steals a lot of the scenes he's in with My Week With Marilyn.

Best supporting actress:
The winner will be - Octavia Spencer for The Help.
The winner should be - Half of me would love Melissa McCarthy to win for Bridesmaids, but I reckon this was a token nod; the other half thinks Berenice Bejo from The Artist will win as well.

We'll have to see later though - add your guesses and comments in below!

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  1. Not liking The Artist (too US-centric in its attitude), but reluctantly concede you're right. Due to Scorcese's valient but flawed efforts elsewhere the field is, well, empty.