Thursday, 31 August 2017

Matterfall: PS4 Review

Matterfall: PS4 Review

Developed by Housemarque
Platform: PS4

Side-scrolling has always been Housemarque's raison d'etre.
Matterfall: PS4 Review

After the weekly thrills of Resogun and its continually addictive ways, the studio's been constantly pursuing another such vicarious and entertaining game to help cement its name.

Matterfall is not that game.

Not that there's really anything wrong with this rushing about and shooting things game in any way, shape or form, more that repeat value is a little lacking.

Essentially in Matterfall, you get to take on hordes of robots and things shooting at you in various buildings under the guise of being a freelancer who simply goes in to tidy things up, free a few people and fire off a few rounds.
Matterfall: PS4 Review

It's as slick as you'd expect from the studio but it is missing the edge that promotes replayability.

It does also rely on your using multi buttons at several different times to ensure that you're taking advantage of all the skills you have at your disposal. From a dash move that can wipe out bullets and stop you from being attacked, to using a matter gun to fill in platforms or power lifts, the key to Matterfall is a degree of ambi-dexterity.

It's very much a game that throws a lot in your path and expects you to cope, so sometimes, the deaths seem unnecessary and particularly vindictive. But each level (of the 12 around) is achievable with a modicum of smarts and timing.
Matterfall: PS4 Review

Ultimately, Matterfall is a slice of arcade shoot'em'up that really does work for its basics and its slick looking gameplay - but under the hood, it's lacking the hyper-kinetic addictiveness that other titles have offered up. If there were to be some newer elements dripped out, it could prove to be a title that's essential.

As it is, it's currently visually impressive and enjoyable but nothing more, nothing less.

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