Saturday, 9 September 2017

Doctor Who Series 10 Part 1: DVD Review

Doctor Who Series 10 Part 1: DVD Review

The Doctor's back for his final series in the Peter Capaldi form with this latest Doctor Who series.

Doctor Who Series 10 Part 1: DVD ReviewWith a brand new companion in tow, Bill (played excellently by Pearl Mackie) this latest split batch of episodes shows the show in its strengths and in its weaknesses.

As usual, it's elements of the story-telling which hold Who back, but then given such an equal footing of actors in the first half of the episodes, including the return of Matt Lucas as Nardole, there's a great reason to engage with the show.

Mackie impresses as Bill, a naturally curious companion, but no slouch in the emotional and intellectual fronts either. Mackie certainly owns the screen within moments and Steven Moffat's writing helps solidify it all very early on.

But it's Capaldi's work which also helps the latest run - a genuine vein of sadness persists in the Doctor's being grounded on Earth and charging with looking after a vault with a mysterious entity housed within.

While it's better to have the entire run released in one go, there's no denial that the solid work done by the cast all round makes Doctor Who Series 10 Part 1 worthy of your time.

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